inSAYSHAble is the award winning web comedy chronicling a week in the life of Saysha Grabinski (Amy Matysio), a thirtysomething, audacious office temp who's never completed a single task.  She's a hopeless romantic, incessant liar and awkward as shit - the type of woman you make eye contact with and instantly know it was a mistake.

Saysha coined the term "dink machine".  Did we mention she's single?

Created by and starring Amy Matysio (WolfCop, Just Friends), known for her charming irreverence and authentic style as a comedic improvisor, actor and host, inSAYSHAble is brilliantly outrageous, female driven and "Funny as f*ck".  Directed by Jeff Beesley (Sunnyside), inSAYSHAble includes an accomplished Canadian cast with appearances by Christina Sicoli (After Party), Derek Baynham (CopperTop Flop Show), David Milchard (Convos With My 2 Year Old), Tess Degenstein (Space Janitors), Darla Biccum (Corner Gas), Lee Boyes (Rapid Fire Theatre) and Sabryn Rock (Girlfriend Experience).

She’s a wacky anit-hero: Sarah Silverman meets Ace Ventura...a great watch on the web.
— LA Weekly
Matysio delivers a performance filled with not only hilarious righteous indignation but subtle moments of humility.
— A3Word Review
inSAYSHAble Nails It!
— Snobby Robot
— Comedy TV is Dead